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Your company’s growth might be challenging. But do not fret. To assist you to maximise leads, website sales, and client acquisition, our Abuja PPC agency is on your side.

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Why Should You Choose Us

If you're looking for a reputable PPC advertising agency in Nigeria, go no further than Digital Elixir! Your company may achieve its objectives with the aid of our complete offering of Google Ads management and PPC advertising services. PPC campaigns allow you to directly target customers who are actively looking for your goods and services while also giving you the chance to reach potential customers who may not even be aware that they exist yet. To reach the proper people with your message, we'll create a data-driven advertising campaign.

To find the best quality leads and turn them into paying customers, we work directly with our clients. We consistently succeed in this by customizing PPC ads to offer high-quality conversions rather than just clicks! Don't be afraid to use our PPC agency services if you need assistance advertising your goods or services online. We have aided several Nigerian businesses. Call us right now to talk with a PPC agency professional, and we'll help you with the PPC process. Digital Elixir is the top Google Ads agency in Nigeria for a reason.

For more than ten years, we have assisted brands and companies in generating leads, increasing sales, and achieving their marketing objectives. The advantages of driving highly focused visitors to your website while conducting a Pay-Per-Click campaign are recognised by today's successful firms. The possibilities offered by Google Ads are currently being utilised by your rivals. Avoid falling behind and missing out.

Successful companies nowadays understand the advantages of driving highly focused traffic to their website when utilizing Pay-Per-Click (Pay-Per-Click) PPC campaigns. The advantages that Google Ads provide are currently being utilised by your rivals. Contact our PPC agency professionals right away to avoid falling behind and missing out on the huge marketing potential.


Get targeted traffic to your website from users who are searching for your services or products.



By associating each call you get with a keyword, you may increase consumer calls. 



Increase your online conversions, such as form submissions and checkout transactions.


Digital Elixir Is One Of Google‘s Top Google Advertising Agencies In Nigeria.

The best thing about us is that we stand out from every other PPC company in Nigeria. Being a performance agency, we aim for outcomes and employ cutting-edge technology. As a result, we have earned the title of "Best PPC Agency in Abuja," and if you are thinking about investing in digital marketing, you should certainly contact us

Our professionals can provide you with the information you want, whether you designed a campaign yourself or have someone else manage it for you. Running a business might make it difficult to manage your own PPC, and even if you hire an Ads firm, are you really confident it's working? We don't do guessing at Digital Elixir.

We make sure each campaign is set up properly so you never waste money on expensive or unnecessary keywords. As an experienced Google PPC Ads agency in Nigeria, we get that PPC can be a minefield. This is why we will give you a free Google Ads audit, just get in touch with us today.

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Paid Search

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Why Choose Digital Elixir?

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Relevancy is essential for genuine PPC success. We create granular, meticulous accounting with minimal space for mistake. We start by sending highly targeted visitors to your website. Good clickthrough rates and high quality scores are produced by this relevance, which boosts account efficiency.

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We are experts in PPC. All we do is that. When you work with us, a Google Certified specialist is assigned to you as your personal account manager who will create and administer your account. They’ll be fully knowledgeable about it and equipped to promote performance.

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Consider us an extension of your team rather than an outside organisation.
Everything there is to know about what you do is revealed to us. We are PPC experts, but you are an expert in your field. Together, we’ll develop a custom plan that is effective for you.

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We lead the way in a field that is always evolving, and we enjoy it. From evaluating the newest betas and new features to creating our own internal tools. We’ll automate whatever manual, monotonous work that we can discover. Then, your account manager may focus their time on activities that are more significant and worthwhile and that a robot couldn’t perform.

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Although we believe clear boxes are prettier, some folks prefer dark boxes. When working with us, you keep control and visibility over your account. We’ll create a custom reporting dashboard for you that is tailored to your requirements and displays the indicators you care about. You may check on performance whenever you like because this is updated in real-time, around-the-clock.


Google Ads is a tool for online advertising that companies use to market their goods and services on Google Search, YouTube, and other websites. Additionally, Google Advertising gives advertisers the option to select certain objectives for their ads, such as generating calls or website visits. Advertisers may tailor their budgets and targeting, as well as start and stop their advertisements whenever they want, with a Google Ads account.


Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express are the previous names for the new, improved Google Ads.


In Google ads, keywords are the words or phrases that advertisers will bid on in order for their clickable ads to show on search engine results pages (SERP) or a partner website. You place bids on the keywords that pertinent consumers would use to locate your good or service. A great Google Ads campaign must include keyword research since it enables you to choose the phrases that will bring in the most qualified visitors to your website or advertisements.


Google Ads works by displaying your ad when people search online for the products and services you offer. By leveraging smart technology, Google Ads helps get your ads in front of potential customers at just the moment they’re ready to take action.

  1. You start by selecting your goal, like getting more visitors to your website or more phone calls to your business.
  2. Next you select the geographic area where your ad should be shown. It can be a small radius around your business or much broader, like cities, counties or entire countries.
  3. Finally, you’ll craft your ad and set your monthly budget cap.

Once your ad is approved, it can appear whenever users in your target area search for a product or service like yours. You only pay when users engage with your ad, like clicking your ad or calling your business.

  • Search Network campaigns – usually text form, these ads can show on Google Search results pages when someone searches for a product or service that’s similar to yours
  • Display Network campaigns – usually image form, these ads appear on websites or apps that your customers visit
  • Video campaigns – usually 6 or 15 second videos, these ads show right before or during YouTube content


CPC or cost per click is a paid advertising term that refers to the amount of money an advertiser will pay each time someone clicks on their ad. The average price you pay is determined by the competitiveness of your keywords, your maximum bids, and your Quality Score.



Your Google Ads cost is determined by your budget settings. Google Ads can work with almost any budget. You’re only charged when users interact with your ad, like clicking to visit your website or to call your business. With Google Ads, there is no minimum spend requirement, and no required contract length – you can stop your ads anytime. The cost of a click or call can vary based on a few factors.


To get started with Google Ads, click here to sign up. Our guided set-up process will walk you through creating your first ad in just a few steps. If you need help signing up, our Google Ads experts are available to set up your new account and even assist in creating your first campaign at no additional cost.


The goal of SEO, which is a longer-term strategy, is to increase your organic search and referral traffic by properly setting up your website and online presence. Although you don’t pay for this traffic, doing it correctly will cost you time and money.

Although SEO should always be a crucial component of any digital marketing strategy, both site designers and business owners sometimes neglect and undervalue it.

A quick technique to get targeted traffic to your website is using Google Ads. It is easy to set up and generates visitors much more quickly than SEO (generally). Both are continuing expenditures, but you only have to pay for AdWords clicks when customers are eager to buy your goods (generally).

Before you start seeing visitors from SEO, you must invest. You typically only pay for Google AdWords when users click through to visit your website.

Both are crucial. Your Ads campaigns’ quality will be improved by a few SEO components.

It’s crucial to realise that using Google’s paid advertising won’t affect your organic search ranks, but it could increase the click-through rate of your organic listings (due to searchers subtly seeing your brand in an advert before scrolling down).


When I hear this perspective about Google Ads, it usually stems from either running ads internally without the necessary understanding or having a terrible experience with an agency that uses aggressive sales methods and “sells them cheap.”


Running a Google Ads campaign without understanding how to use the platform might lead to quick financial ruin. As they were displaying advertisements for wholly unsuitable search keywords in the first campaign I ran for a customer, I was able to save approximately 50% of their ad budget in a matter of minutes. I reduced the cost per click for another customer, who was utilising a generic Google hotline to manage their ads, from $2 to $5, saving them from having to spend twice as much money as necessary.

It’s also not unusual for me to take an AdWords account that is internally managed, increase the average clickthrough rate from 2% to over 10% (and occasionally higher), and achieve results that yield several times the amount of advertising expenditure.

All of those are wonderful measures, but I’ll also set up your conversion monitoring so you can monitor financial values, which is the most important statistic to follow.


Setting up an Ads campaign is quite complicated if you are doing it well, and involves a good knowledge of the platform. It’s not just clicking a few buttons. Setting up a new campaign involves the following, and more :

  • Understanding your advertising objectives
  • Understanding your products and profitability of them
  • Deciding which campaign types are most appropriate
  • Keyword research
  • Creating the correct campaign structure to drive down costs
  • Your campaign ideas may result in several AdWords campaigns being created to be more effective
  • Creating many ‘ad extensions’ to make your adverts more compelling
  • Writing copy for many different adverts
    (It’s not uncommon for a ‘simple’ campaign to have 100’s of ad variations if done well)
  • Creating or providing input to several different banner adverts (if using display)
  • Setting up conversion tracking within Google Analytics
    (this can be simple, but can also be very time consuming)
  • Minor modifications to your website to allow conversion tracking

…and lots more.

This takes a lot of time, but ultimately it means your money will go further, and you’ll get better returns. Well set up campaigns will definitely save you money, and potentially lots of it.


To make your campaigns better over time and enable you to build upon them, ongoing management and optimization are required.

This entails making suggestions for new campaigns, checking to see if the budget is sufficient and suggesting where to increase it, creating new ad groups and keywords, pausing ineffective ads or keywords, making suggestions about where to increase the budget, making sure your ads aren’t being displayed for irrelevant keywords, and much more.

The advertising environment is dynamic. Every time an ads is shown, millions of computations are made in a real-time auction. By optimising it, your campaigns will keep getting better and more successful.


They might, but if they’re respectable, probably not. Your ad may not always be displayed because you may not be using the keywords that have been put up in your account, your budget may not be sufficient to reach all searchers, or your website’s “quality score” may be lower than it should be. To optimise campaign success, the advertiser could have omitted your internal computer address or chosen not to target people in the area you are in.


Although Google has some excellent employees, it’s unlikely that you’ll speak with the same one when you contact the main hotline. If you do, they’ll have a lot of people to help and won’t be able to assist with more intricate matters like monitoring return on investment and talking about the ideal goals to set up in Analytics to measure.


When a visitor to your website has engaged with it in some way. They join the group of people we may advertise to on social media and in display formats. They are more likely to connect with you again if they have done so previously (and if their previous interaction was favourable). Remarketing becomes a crucial weapon in the armoury of digital marketers as a result.


A PPC landing page is the page a user arrives at when visiting your site after clicking a paid ad. It should be highly relevant to the keywords you are bidding on and have a clear CTA (call to action).


Brands That Trust Us!

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We help you outpace the competition.

Digital Elixir can assist if you're searching for a knowledgeable and creative PPC agency in Abuja, Nigeria. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on websites is a vital component of modern internet marketing strategies. Pay Per Click is a technique for posting an advertisement on an online search network such as Google & Bing, in a manner comparable to placing an advertisement in a magazine to offer a certain item or service. It helps draw people to your specific line of business and is a terrific strategy to rapidly get your website onto the top page of SERPs and display network.

Over the past ten years, Digital Elixir has demonstrated success in exceeding goals with our PPC management solutions and one of the leading advertising agency in Nigeria. We have manage PPC accounts for companies of all sizes, and because to our careful planning and diligent research, we routinely surpass client KPIs and objectives, resulting in growth for you. What do you need to think about with our no-obligation contracts and our excellent customer retention rate?

To get results for you with PPC, we focus on locating critical insights and effective account optimization.

Unique Proposals

With expansion in mind and taking into account your business objectives, we will create a unique proposition for your company.

Optimal Website Practice

We offer ongoing best practise website consulting to our clients since we depend on their success and are in this together.

Performance Reporting

As much information as you need, as frequently as is convenient for you. It is essential to report everything in detail to you.

No Black Box

We'll open up the greatest marketing possibilities for your company and lay out precise growth strategies to deliver your desired results.

What We Do.

PPC Audit.

Keep your budget intact. Allow us to analyse your campaign to see what is (and is not) effective so that we can give thorough analysis and suggestions for action that fit your goals.


Conversion Tracking.

Conversion tracking is a crucial component of digital marketing, and thanks to our all-encompassing strategy, we spend just as much time on research as we do on actually getting the desired outcomes.


Bidding Strategies.

We make sure that no money is wasted. In order to maximise interaction and effectively use a budget, we continuously optimise for success and eliminate underperforming advertisements and keywords.


Remarketing Campaigns.

Utilize customised remarketing efforts to reach clients who have already visited your website and have a high propensity to make a purchase. This is the pinnacle of tailored advertising.


Affiliate Marketing.

A low-cost, low-risk method to get visitors to your website is affiliate marketing. Especially with the aid of Digital Elixir, more traffic will certainly result in increased revenue.


Display Advertising.

Display advertising has the potential to be an excellent branding tool, direct-response channel, and remarketing tactic. Use Google Display Network to market your company and the people you want to reach


Adgrants For Charities.

The Google Ad Grant is available to all officially recognised organisations worldwide, including Nigeria. You may get the application procedure handled for free by Digital Elixir. You could be eligible.


Google Ads Training.

You may use Digital lixir as a stepping stone to success. We give you the resources you need to advance in paid advertising, tailoring training programmes to your needs.


What else can we help with?


We give you a clear strategy that’s tailored for your business with clear implementation.


We create a high-value content strategy that adds value and speaks directly to your audience.


Let us assist you in selling your products & services on social media in an honest manner.


With our tailored campaigns, you can generate more leads for your company.


Get published on CBS, NBC, FOX & USA Today and earn the trust of your potential client.


Let’s build a website that fits and represents you online to position your business.


We run ads that meet your business goals for great results. Let’s know what your goals are.


SEO can position your business strategically for sales. We’ll rank you on 1st page of Google.

Start getting ahead online.

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Unless you’re a digital marketer yourself, it’s unlikely you’ll want to deal with the technical processes involved in boosting your online presence. Our clients come to us because they want to focus instead on what really matters: making their own customers happy. Our passionate digital marketing team essentially helps you bring more people through the door – giving you a chance to prove to them why they’ve made the right choice.

Deep Partnering

We strongly believe in building deep working relationships with our clients. The better we understand your business, the best we can service it to generate more revenue.

Excellent Results

We love achieving exceptional results for our clients. We are relentless in the pursuit of excellence! There’s nothing better than hearing how well your business is performing online.

Our Team

We have gone to extraordinary lengths to create a team of exceptionally talented people to service our fantastic clients. Each person  possess the requisite skills in their area of expertise.