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WordPress Expert,WordPress Fix,WordPress specialists,WordPress Maintenance Services,WP Expert,wordpress expert in nigeria,WP Fix,Fix Slow WordPress Site,WPFixIt

1. Take Notes Of Your Site Issues

Take notes of the issues you wants us to solve for you. Our WordPress specialists will assist you.


WordPress Expert,WordPress Fix,WordPress specialists,WordPress Maintenance Services,WP Expert,wordpress expert in nigeria,WP Fix,Fix Slow WordPress Site,WPFixIt

2. Instant response

Our typical response time is less than two minutes. We’ll inquire if there’s anything else we should know.


WordPress Expert,WordPress Fix,WordPress specialists,WordPress Maintenance Services,WP Expert,wordpress expert in nigeria,WP Fix,Fix Slow WordPress Site,WPFixIt

3. We Get To Work

We get to work immediately we hang up the phone to deliver on our words to you.


Some Common Examples of

WordPress Tasks

We Can Do For You.

Fix a hacked site

If your website has been defaced by a malicious third party, you must not only clean up the infection but also prevent it from happening again. We’ll eliminate the cause of the problem, add some security to your site, and set you up with our backups to provide an extra layer of safety in the future.


Proactive Monitoring

Our comprehensive monitoring system will automatically run checks to ensure that sites are functioning properly. If downtime is discovered, a task will be automatically produced, and an expert will begin researching the problem right away. Only accessible as part of a maintenance package.


Regular Updates

WordPress, as well as all plugins and themes, must be updated regularly to help prevent your website from vulnerability. Updates might generate conflicts or errors, or they can conflict with web server settings like PHP versions as WordPress update rolls out. We’ll handle everything for you.


Speed up a WordPress Site

A slow website drives visitors away. We can optimise websites to speed up loading times, for instance by caching data to keep a site from becoming. This can reduce your website’s bounce rate and enhance the user experience for your visitors.


WordPress Migration

Want to move your website? We’ll take care of everything for you, guaranteeing complete uptime and data consistency. Even before your site is live in the new location, we may assist you in changing DNS and previewing it.


WordPress Expert,WordPress Fix,WordPress specialists,WordPress Maintenance Services,WP Expert,wordpress expert in nigeria,WP Fix,Fix Slow WordPress Site,WPFixIt
Expert developer support

Members of our WordPress Expert team have worked as developers or hosting specialists for at least three years. We provide a variety of support, and all our jobs are handled by our in-house specialists.

Because we offer various WordPress support options, we can work on most issues immediately (and continuously) until they are finished.

We may connect a task to one team member to guarantee that person works on an issue or assign it to another team member if that team member completes their shift for more intricate tasks that may require continuing communication with you or a third party. As a long-term partner, we want to give you the finest service we can.

Direct Communication

After filing our order form and payment confirmation using our specifically designed secure system, you can speak with one of our engineers directly.

We don't outsource any work or hire contractors. All jobs are done by our in-house WordPress experts are net staff members who are full-time employees.

If you're unsure of whether you have the correct information for us or if you find it difficult to precisely describe your website problem, don't worry. We'll collaborate with you to collect the information we require, and we'll try to sort you out as soon as we can.

You can use live chat to contact us.

WordPress Expert,WordPress Fix,WordPress specialists,WordPress Maintenance Services,WP Expert,wordpress expert in nigeria,WP Fix,Fix Slow WordPress Site,WPFixIt
WordPress Expert,WordPress Fix,WordPress specialists,WordPress Maintenance Services,WP Expert,wordpress expert in nigeria,WP Fix,Fix Slow WordPress Site,WPFixIt
Our Guarantee

Every WordPress assignment or issue we take on is handled by a skilled WordPress specialist, whose main responsibility is to make sure your problem is resolved effectively and that you are satisfied with the service you have received.

If do not do the work as promise we would have done, we’ll refund you.


Most issues are resolved within 2 to 24 hours!


Backups Taken First We’ll take backups before starting any work, which means we can roll back at any time should there be any issues.


We focus on the task awarded to us in order to meet the demands of the request we receive daily.


Initial website audit

Our WordPress specialists will carefully review your website, record its functionality, and, if necessary, offer recommendations.

Website monitoring

We always keep an eye on your website. When mistakes or downtime are found, we will take immediate action to keep your website online.

24/7 Support

Our WordPress specialist are always available. We typically begin processing new inquiries in within two minutes of receiving it.

Other Common

WordPress Fixes We Do

The core of your WordPress installation is the configuration file, which specifies the key functionality and connects your site and database. Your site may be made more difficult by an error.


A connection error to a third party site or file may be the root cause of a timeout or slow site. We’ll point out the problem and suggest a fix or next actions for you.


Simple errors on contact forms can result in incorrect letter delivery. We can identify the issue and offer a fix by figuring out where mail goes and why it might not deliver.


File uploads may fail silently or with an error. Either the upload location or the folder permissions are typically the only simple fixes. Let’s get it operating as it should.


Usually, PHP issues or timeouts are what trigger white screens of death. Our technical team will employ a step-by-step procedure to locate and address the problematic cause.


MX and CNAME records should be configured for Google Apps. We will walk you through the procedures you need to follow with Google if verification is necessary.


You can use ns1/ns2.yourdomain.com instead of the nameservers provided by your web host if you have custom nameservers. We will set this up with the registration so that you can use these vanity nameservers, if your service provider permits it.


An external DNS provider, Cloudflare, can also assist in defending you against DDOS attacks and malicious users. Your domain will be configured to route through Cloudflare after we migrate your DNS there.


By informing email recipients of which mail servers, domains, and IP addresses should be lawfully sending mail, an SPF record increases email deliverability. We will add the DNS record and setup this for you.


Switch your hosting’s domain name to a different one. To prevent lost clients, dead links, and duplicate SEO penalties, this may entail pointing the DNS of a new domain, modifying the hosting configuration, and redirecting the old name.


Set up domains, subdomains, and provide you the proper login information so you can upload and manage your website. Configure a brand-new shared hosting environment to meet your online needs.


A check of an existing hosting account, including the deleting unnecessary files & problematic older content, as well as the clearing of cache files and unneeded plugins. We’ll also verify file and folder permissions and lock down any sections that shouldn’t be accessible to the public.


Let’s take care of this for you if you need to add new records, set up an external provider, or switch DNS providers. Regardless of the record type—A, CNAME, MX, TXT, or any other—we will add it and make sure that it has reached all of your nameservers and resolves in multiple places. We have experience managing the DNS for tens of thousands of domain names.


It can be difficult to transfer domains between providers. Let us manage the procedure on your behalf and address any obstacles that may emerge. We’ll describe any problems or missing information you may be having and provide assistance in resolving it.


Have us review the current setup and records, highlighting any mistakes. Additionally, we can eliminate pointless entries and offer a report that summarises your configuration.


A verification that your web hosting is set up properly by one of our professionals. Location, security, software versions, performance, underlying software, and other factors are checked.


Utilize our first-rate website migration service to move your website from one provider to another. When you choose, we can perform the migration and offer preview links.


Transfer a website database between servers while preserving uptime and consistency. The files and website can continue to function while this is done.


Install an SSL certificate on your hosting environment to enable HTTPS viewing by guests. This might be limited by how much access your host allows, but if necessary, we can help with solutions.


Force the installation of an SSL certificate on your website so that all visitors must do so securely and without experiencing any browser glitches or trust problems.


.htaccess redirects should be set up to prevent clashes with other programmes. For effective SEO, links from outdated pages to new ones or from outdated domains to new ones are crucial.


Edit your php.ini file to change settings such as max_execution_timeupload_file_size, or to show or suppress error messages. Change and upgrade the PHP version if possible.


We can set up databases and files for automatic backups for you. For your website, we will set up backups in the best manner conceivable.


Revert a website to an earlier version. Although you can do this via your host control panel, we would be pleased to assist you.


Make a backup whenever you need to have a copy of your website at a specific period.

Create and manage domains, addon domains, parked domains (aliases), and move them around. We can also adjust where the files for each domain are located, and set up redirects between them.


To handle files, manage FTP accounts. Provide directions for proper use and advice on SSH/SFTP alternatives. We’ll even walk you through setting up optional desktop applications like FileZilla.


cPanel database audit, creation, management, and optimization. including managing users, providing the appropriate user rights, and properly configuring third-party access.


There are several potential causes of 500 internal server errors, but most frequently they are php errors or problems with the syntax of your.htaccess file. We will either give you a cause-and-effect breakdown or diagnose and fix them for you.


Although email software is already included with cPanel, setting can be difficult. We’ll go over DNS, set up any necessary email services, and even assist with setting up your desktop and mobile applications to access them.



Anyone who wants their website to function quickly and effectively should use WordPress Expert maintenance services. Give us a call if you’re unsure whether your site need our assistance; we’ll be pleased to analyse the situation.


You don’t have to worry about being committed to something for an extended length of time because Digital Elixir offers flexible WordPress maintenance plans. We allow our clients to select the length of their plans as they see suitable because we are aware that you may need us from week to week.


As our client, you will receive our top-notch WordPress maintenance services! We ensure your website is always up and running as efficiently as possible. You can rest easy knowing we have everything under control with us by your side.


Our WordPress Fix Services offers great rates for any types of WordPress issues you are experiencing. Everyone can afford our WordPress Expert maintenance service now and then, which is why we keep our rates affordable for all.


We offer the very best WordPress maintenance services available. Our team of skilled developers can swiftly and effectively address any issue or difficulty.


Absolutely! Since we have been in the industry for a long time, we are skilled in maintaining websites. To guarantee that your website is always secured from any threats or assaults, we deploy the most up-to-date scanning technology and security methods.



We can definitely assist you with managing many websites! Simply give us a call, and we’ll be pleased to go over your unique needs. Any budget can be accommodated by the number of packages and pricing alternatives we offer.


We also offer a variety of other services, such as WordPress malware removal, WordPress Security, WordPress SEO, WordPress design, and WordPress unlimited support. Additionally, you may follow us on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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